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When it comes to pig and poultry feed production, virtually everything about the feed production technologies employed here remains the same – raw materials and production technologies. Having the equipment needed to make poultry and pig feed is often the first step towards self-sufficiency.

  • Feed Dresser: The feed dresser ensures that the inputs of production, which in this case are dry mash feed and soft feed ingredients, are clean and free from all manner of contaminants. In some cases, the feed dresser is known as the feed cleaner.


  • Conveyor: This equipment handles all transportation. In most production setups, conveyors are used for transporting raw materials and finished products. Commonly used conveyor systems in pig and poultry feed production include the bucket elevator, the bucket elevator screw, and the screw and chain conveyor.


  • Grinding Machine: This machine plays a crucial role in feed production. It is used to reduce the size of the inputs of production. The type of feed being produced often determines the size reduction.


  • Mixing Machine: As the name suggests, a mixer serves to mix feed ingredients. Using a mixer ensures uniform distribution of nutrients is achieved and results in consistent feed quality.


  • Cooling machines: Extruded feeds are often in the range of 70-90 degrees. Cooling machines serve to bring this heat down to room temperature. This way, it prevents the pellet from decay and makes them ready for storage.


  • Screening machine: A screener plays a standardization role in any feed production line. It achieves this by allowing quality and perfect size feed to pass, and at the same time, screens out uneven sizes.


  • Packaging lines: Ready feed needs to be packed. The packaging machine is thus used to buck the finished products into bags.

Other poultry and pig feed production machines include the weighing balance, transport trucks, and power generators. As a tip, having the best equipment is not enough, you also need to invest in the best inputs of production.